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Pennsylvania Assault Defense Attorney

If you or one you love has been charged with either the crimes of Aggravated assault or Simple assault, do not speak with police. Be sure invoke your right to remain silent and ask to speak with a lawyer if the police wish to question you about the alleged crime. You may contact my office by phone at (610) 299-0295 or by email at

Hire a Former Assistant District Attorney to Defend You Against Your Assault Charges!

As a former Assistant District Attorney, I frequently prosecuted Aggravated assault and Simple assault cases. I believe any private defense attorney that has worked in the DA's office or the public defender's office has an advantage. When working in these posts, you see a high volume of cases. When I served in the District Attorney's Office I was able to observe the different defense tactics and strategies that were utilized by top defense attorneys. After doing this, you get a feeling of what is an effective defense strategy and what is not. The experience that I gained in the DA's office is very valuable to my practice. I also know how the Assistant District Attorneys think when prosecuting your case. I use this knowledge to outthink them when representing you.

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Contact a former Assistant District Attorney and Pennsylvania Assault defense attorney. My office will strive to minimize the damage to your life and provide you the highest quality defense in your assault case. My office prides itself on attention to detail and staying at the top of our field.