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Berks County DUI Programs

The Berks County Court of Common Pleas has a specialty court dedicated to hearing all drunk driving and retail theft cases that occur throughout Berks county. All DUI cases in the county are heard by the Honorable John A. Boccabella. As a former Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in Berks County, I was assigned to prosecute DUI cases in Judge Boccabella's courtroom.

Berks County ARD Program

Once you have been accepted into the Berks County ARD program, you will be given an ARD court date. On this date you must arrive with your attorney and fill out the appropriate paperwork. If your DUI case carries license suspension time, you must hand over your driver's license to the ADA on the day of court. The ADA will then hand over your license to the court clerk during the ARD ceremony. Keep in mind, this courtroom is very busy, and your case will be heard along with many other applicants.

You must stand in front of the courtroom with the other applicants and be sworn in by the court clerk. The terms and conditions of the ARD program will be read into the record. You will be asked to waive an off the record reading of the facts of your case. The Judge will then address each case individually and place you on the ARD program.

Berks County ARD Terms

Typically, you will receive 40 hours community service as part of the ARD program in Berks County. However, you may receive 80 hours or more of community service if the ADA prosecuting the case feels any aggravating factors exist.

First Offense DUI in Berks County

Currently, there are no intermediate punishment programs in Berks County that allow you to escape the mandatory minimum jail sentence.

Second Offense DUI in Berks County: The STOP Program

In Berks County you may avoid the mandatory minimum sentence for a second offense DUI if accepted into the STOP program. For the terms and conditions of the STOP program please click the following link: STOP PROGRAM.

Third Offense DUI in Berks County: Treatment Court

In Berks County you may avoid the mandatory minimum sentence for a third offense DUI if accepted into Treatment Court. Please click the following link for more information regarding the program: TREATMENT COURT.