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Carrying a Concealed Firearm Without a License

Carrying a concealed weapon without a valid license or permit is against the law in Pennsylvania. The statute that prohibits this conduct is entitled “Firearms not to be carried without a license” and can be found in the Pennsylvania crimes code at 18 Pa.C.S. §6106. In PA, the rule is as follows: if you want to carry a firearm concealed on your person or in your vehicle, you must obtain a valid and lawfully issued license. There are certain exceptions to this rule listed below.

Main Exceptions to the Firearms Not to be Carried Without a License Rule 1

  1. you may carry a firearm concealed in your home;

  2. you may carry a firearm concealed in your fixed place of business;

  3. if you are target shooting and you are either at the shooting range or going to or from your place of assembly to the shooting range and the firearm is not loaded you may carry concealed;

  4. you may carry a firearm concealed to or from your business or house to or from the place of purchase, sale or appraisal*;

  5. you may carry a firearm concealed when you are moving your residence or business or vacation home*;

  6. you are hunting or on your way to hunt and you have a hunting license and a you have a valid Sportsman’s Firearm Permit.

*For exceptions 4 and 5 to apply the gun most not be loaded and must be in a secure wrapper.

Is Carrying a Concealed Firearm Without a License a Felony or Misdemeanor?

If you are caught with a concealed firearm on your person or in your car without a license, and you are otherwise eligible to obtain a license and you did not commit any other criminal offenses at the time, carrying a concealed firearm is graded as a Misdemeanor of the 1st Degree. If you are caught, and are NOT eligible for a permit (i.e. – because of your status as a person not to possess) or committed another criminal offense when you got caught, carrying a concealed firearm will be graded as a Felony of the 3rd Degree.

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1 This list is not all-inclusive. For a complete list of exceptions to the rule see 18 Pa.C.S. §6106.