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Courthouse in Media

Media, Pennsylvania

Jason Antoine spends the majority of his time practicing in Media, Pennsylvania at the Delaware County Courthouse. It is located in the center of town. The address of the Media courthouse is 201 West Front Street, Media, PA 19063. The Delaware County Courthouse in Media, PA hears all criminal matters that occur within the confines of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. When a district judge holds a case for the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County, it proceeds to Media, PA. The Delaware County courts system has one of the heaviest case loads in Pennsylvania. Monday is an extremely busy day for the criminal Judges in Media. Most judges schedule all pre-trial conferences for Monday. Many plea agreements are taken on Mondays. Our office is frequently double and triple booked on Monday mornings in Media, PA. Throughout the rest of the week, the Media Judges schedule various hearings and trials.

When you show up to the Delaware County Courthouse in Media, PA, there are several steps you must go through. Below is helpful information you may want to know prior to your court date:

  1. Courthouse parking: there is metered parking surrounding the courthouse.

  2. Enter the Media courthouse through security and walk through metal detector and/or be searched by security guards. You may bring your cell phone. No weapons allowed.

  3. Check the posting on the wall behind the metal detector for the courtroom number that your case is assigned to.

  4. Enter your assigned courtroom. Sit on the benches in back, and wait for your attorney.

  5. Check your scheduling order. Judges start cases at 8:30 A.M. 9:00 A.M. or 9:30 A.M.

  6. Judges and Attorneys may run late due to multiple cases scheduled at the same time in the Delaware County Courthouse in Media, PA. However, you must be on time. The Judge could put a warrant out for you if you do not appear.

  7. Judges are extremely busy. Mondays are pre-trial conference days. Judges typically work until 1:00 P.M. and will take a late lunch. The remaining cases will be dealt with in the afternoon. On occasion, you and your attorney will have to come back in the afternoon.

  8. Your defense attorney will initially go up to the front of the courtroom to talk to the District Attorney to try to resolve your case, or talk about a plea deal.

  9. All cases are recorded in Delaware County. The county uses an electronic recording system. There are no court reporters. There is a blue light by each judge's bench. When this light is blinking, it is not recording. When there is a solid blue light, the machine is recording.

  10. When the District Attorney calls your case, you will go to the front of the courtroom before the Judge's bench and stand to the left of your defense attorney.

  11. Etiquette is extremely important in court. Be sure to dress appropriately. For men: A suit, (or the minimum) slacks and a collared t-shirt. For women: Dress, suit, or other professional clothing. If the Judge speaks to you, stand up if you are already seated, and respond with, "Yes, Your Honor," or "No, Your Honor." Do not use words such as "yeah" or "nope" and avoid mumbling or shaking your head up and down. Remember: everything is being recorded so you need to answer with a verbal "yes" or "no" and refer to the Judge as "Your Honor."

At the courthouse in Media, PA, there are various offices that you may need to find. The majority of the criminal courtrooms are located on the second floor. There are also a few criminal courtrooms located on the first floor of courthouse. The District Attorney's Office is located on the first floor. The Court Administrator's Office is located on the second floor. This office's main function pertains to filing waivers of arraignment, ARD applications, criminal court filings, processing paperwork, and keeping the court's schedule. The Office of Judicial Support (OJS), which is the courtroom's main administrative body in Media, focuses on filing criminal and civil cases, payment of filing fees, and post bail. Other counties call this department the Clerk of Courts. Juvenile Court is held in the Fronefield building which is located behind the Media courthouse. Mr. Antoine's office frequently travels to the Fronefield building for juvenile cases. Sometimes adult criminal court is held in the Fronefield building.

Attorney Antoine finds that the Court of Common Pleas Judges in Media, PA (with a few exceptions) are extremely fair and will listen to the facts of your case with an open mind. You can get lenient plea deals in the Media, Pennsylvania courthouse. The majority of cases (around 97%) do result in plea deals.

One of the negative aspects for defendants in Media, PA is the practice of postponing cases. Judges always grant the prosecution's continuance requests. Judges will rarely, if ever, dismiss a case for the prosecution not having their witnesses ready or for too many continuances. The Judges will always work around the District Attorney's schedule to get the witnesses in to court for a case. I am not suggesting that judges favor the District Attorney's Office. Many Judges readily grant defense continuance requests as well. However, I am suggesting that cases scheduled for trial move slowly in Media which can be a detriment to defendants that are incarcerated. If incarcerated, you could sit in jail for six months to a year before the case goes to trial. When the District Attorney is ready for trial, the Judge will call the case. When cases go to trial, the Judge will put the case on "two hour call," there is no set date for trial. This practice forces some Defendant's to take guilty pleas. Sometimes a defendant can get a plea deal for "time served" in prison and get out rather than waiting months for trial in. The practice can be good in the sense that a lot of the time, a plea deal for time served is lenient and is below the sentencing guideline range. Another good thing in Media is that District Attorney's will significantly come off of minimum mandatory sentences in drug cases.

Attorney Antoine's office can help you with your case in Media, Pennsylvania. Mr. Antoine will strategize, manage, and thoroughly prepare for your case to get the best possible result for his clients. He focuses on getting his clients out of jail at the preliminary hearing so they are not sitting in jail while the case moves slowly in Media. If a client is in jail when a case goes to the Court of Common Pleas, Mr. Antoine will push to get a time served sentence to secure the client's release.

Jason Antoine is very familiar with the Court of Common Pleas in Media, PA. Attorney Antoine has appeared before every criminal judge in Media, PA. Jason has handled serious felonies and misdemeanors in the Media courthouse. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have a case in Media, Pennsylvania, please do not hesitate to contact my office to schedule a free consultation.