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Delaware County DUI Program

The following information is specific to Delaware County, PA. Please refer to our DUI penalties page and our ARD page for an overview of PA law on these topics.


In order to be accepted into the Delaware County, PA ARD program you must retain an attorney. Fourteen days before your scheduled arraignment your attorney must submit the following documents to the Delaware County Court Administrator in the Delaware County Courthouse, Media, PA to be considered for the ARD program:

  1. Attorney’s Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Arraignment Form
  2. ARD Rule 600 Waiver Form
  3. ARD Application

Delaware County ARD Program Terms

Typically, when you are placed on the ARD program in Delaware County you will have to abide by the following terms and conditions to complete the program. However, the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office has the right to modify the terms of ARD for each case.

Tier I:  BAC 0.08% - 0.99%: 12 months probation, 16 hours community service.
Tier II: BAC 0.10% - 0.159%, minors or accident: 12 months probation, 32 hours community service.
Tier III: BAC over 0.16%, drugs or refusal: 12 months probation, 64 hours community service.

Possible Reduction in Community Service Hours

In Delaware County you may have your community service hours reduced if you complete the following within 60 days of the waiver of your preliminary hearing:

  1. Waive Preliminary Hearing; AND
  2. Have CRN Evaluation (schedule at 610-891-5317)
  3. Complete the required community service as below
  4. Complete Safe Driving Classes (610-237-8630)
  5. Schedule a drug and alcohol evaluation, if required

Possible Community Service Reductions:

Tier I: Possible reduction from 16 hours community service to 8 hours community service.
Tier II: Possible reduction from 32 hours community service to 16 hours community service.
Tier III: Possible reduction from 64 hours community service to 32 hours community service.

Delaware County ARD Program Costs

The ARD program cost is approximately $1250 for DUI cases. This MUST be paid by CASH, CHECK, MONEY ORDER, VISA OR MAC on the day of your ARD hearing, unless prior arrangements have been made with the District Attorney by your attorney.

There is also a state-mandated probation supervisory fee of $35 per month which must be paid monthly, or on the day of your court appearance.

****The information on this page was borrowed from the Delaware County Office of the District Attorney’s ARD application form.

First Offense DUI

If you are not accepted into the ARD program, you may be able avoid the mandatory jail time for a first offense DUI in Delaware County. The DA’s office will evaluate each case on a case by case basis. Plea offers vary depending on the Assistant District Attorney assigned to your case and the judge you will appear before. However, a typical plea offer for a non-ARD, first offense, third-tier DUI would be 6 months in the intermediate punishment program, the first 20 days to be served on the electronic home monitor, a $1000 fine, a $100 assessment fee, Alcohol Highway Safety School, CRN evaluation, a drug and alcohol evaluation, if applicable, and 80 hours community service.

Second Offense DUI

You may be able to avoid the mandatory jail time for a second offense DUI in Delaware County. For instance, a Tier 3 90 day mandatory sentence might be served on fifteen (15) consecutive weekends, followed by sixty (60) days on an electronic home monitor.

Third and Subsequent DUI

For a third offense DUI you could be facing a mandatory sentence of 1 year incarceration in a state penitentiary. In Delaware County could be offered the State Intermediate Punishment Program otherwise you may be offered a state sentence of 1-2 years incarceration.