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Homicide By Vehicle

If you are facing Homicide by Vehicle While DUI charge you need to contact a serious criminal trial lawyer and criminal lawyer with DUI experience. Jason R. Antoine, Esq. had remarkable results as an Assistant District Attorney and former DUI prosecutor. He had 99.5% prosecution rate and never lost a DUI trial.*

Homicide by Vehicle While Driving Under the Influence is a Felony of the 2nd Degree. If convicted of Homicide by Vehicle in Pennsylvania, you will be required to serve a three year mandatory term of imprisonment for each victim who has been killed as a result of your DUI. The sentence is consecutive for each victim which means if two people are killed in the crash, you will be serving six (6) years.

In order to be convicted of Homicide by Vehicle While DUI the Commonwealth must prove three (3) elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance;
    in order to be convicted of homicide by vehicle one must be found guilty of driving under the influence before he or she can be convicted of homicide by vehicle. Separate trials are not required and proof of a particular blood alcohol content (BAC) are not required.
  2. The death of another person; and
  3. Death as a result of driving under the influence
    the Commonwealth must establish a causal connection between the defendant’s intoxicated driving and the accident which resulted in the death of the victim.

Although the mandatory sentence for this charge is three (3) years in prison, the maximum sentence for this crime is ten (10) years incarceration. It is the trial court’s discretion to sentence you accordingly.

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