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Major Felonies & Misdemeanors

Jason R. Antoine, Criminal Defense Attorney, is in Your Corner

Whether you are facing felony robbery charges or a traffic citation, I hate to lose any case and will do everything possible to successfully defend against the charges. My firm is a full service criminal defense firm and will take on just about any type of criminal case whether it be a major felony, misdemeanor or summary charge. With me in your corner as your attorney you will have the confidence that I am doing everything in my power to obtain a successful outcome in your case and giving 110% in and out of the courtroom. I have a “can do” attitude. In the past, attorneys have told me, “you can’t make that argument in the courtroom, that will never work” and I have came back with a positive result that they never thought could happen.

The Government Must Be Kept in Check

I have a strong belief that the government must be kept in check. My philosophy has always been “never take the other side’s word for it, show me the law.” I always look up the written law and make sure the other side is playing by the rules. It never ceases to amaze me that actions are taken in the criminal justice system that are not based on law but are done just because the other side “says so” or because they have “always done it that way.” I believe in following the letter of the law and will challenge the opposition every time if there is no law to back their position. You might have heard the saying “don’t fight city hall”. This is sometimes true, but I will never stop fighting the battle on behalf of my clients to obtain a just result even in the tough cases that other attorneys refuse to take on.

Some Cases Have to Go to Trial

In some cases everyone will be against you and the only way to obtain a fair and just outcome is to take your case to a jury. Juries are comprised of twelve ordinary citizens. From my experience, juries are reasonable and have a sense of what is fair and just. Winning a jury trial is all about winning the jury’s trust. They want a lawyer that is not going to lie to them. This is why I give the jury straight talk and present my case in an easy to understand and straightforward manner. I take pride in being a “trial attorney.” I enjoy going to trial and go into the courtroom with the mindset that I am going to win every case and do whatever it takes to get a successful outcome within the rules.

My office will handle the following types of cases on your behalf:

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