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Megan’s Law

Pennsylvania Megan’s Law Attorney

Pennsylvania sexual offenders and sexually violent predators are required to register with the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Megan’s Law Section. Offenders are searchable to the public via a web site maintained by the PSP Megan’s Law Section. The PSP Megan’s Law Website contains information regarding registration requirements, sexual offender classifications and includes a searchable database of offenders.

Failing to comply with the registration requirements is a felony offense in Pennsylvania and may result in additional jail time. Registrants are required to report to the PSP any change in address, change in employment or termination or change in enrollment at an educational institution within 48 hours. If you or someone you know has been charged with failure to comply with the registry or has any registration questions, do not hesitate to contact Jason R. Antoine, Megan’s Law Attorney to schedule a consultation.

Out–of–State Sex Offenses

If registration with the PSP Megan’s Law Section is required because of an out of state conviction, the out of state crime must be similar or equivalent to one of the Pennsylvania sex offenses. If selected as your criminal defense attorney, I may be able to distinguish the out of state crime from the Pennsylvania crime and have your name pulled from the sex offender registry. This can be accomplished by negotiating with the police to have your name taken off the registry or filing a Motion for Post Conviction Relief.

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